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One Defining Moment

Create Defining Moments for Student Success

Can you imagine having a defining moment that was so powerful, it changed the way you lived?

Whether we realize it or not, these defining moments are shaping the students we lead. Sometimes, daily. 

Learn some of the best strategies and techniques from the performance psychology domain in leading a more confident, independent, and resilient generation. 

Their confidence is often uncovered through your connection. 

When it comes to your connection, which end of the spectrum do you want to fall on?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn the 6 sources of confidence.

  • Learn how to develop confidence in your students. 

  • Learn what you may be doing to hinder your students' confidence. 

  • Learn how to develop psychological safety in your classroom.

  • Understand the relationship between confidence and resilience. 

  • Find inspiration to touch every students heart with the power of One Defining Moment.


Coaching the Mental Game

Enhance Performance with Cognitive Coaching

Coaching the mental game is for coaches of all sports that will help them effectively understand the athlete's mental make-up and develop appropriate coaching strategies to improve their cognitive approach to performance.

This keynote presentation will arm you with specific tips, techniques, and strategies to take your team to the next level through the mental game. 

Vera Jo will provide your audience with a framework for thinking that will enable them to teach their athletes how to:

  • Re-define adversity.

  • Identify and understand the 6 sources of confidence.

  • Perform under pressure - make it count when it counts the most. 

  • Develop a high-performance approach and consistent routines.

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