Teacher Inspiration: One Defining Moment

How powerful would our world be if we had students who were not afraid to take risks? Who were not afraid to try, not afraid to fail, not afraid to go after the dreams they hold within their hearts?

That's where you come in as an educator—a superhero. 


You're not just their teacher. You're often the person they need to believe in them so they can begin to believe in themselves, too. 


The defining moments you create on a daily basis with your students become intricate pieces to their life—their success. More than being around someone successful, we all crave to be around someone who makes us feel special. 


Those simple moments of touching a students heart often become the transformational key to unlocking the greatness within them. 


This is not a motivational pep-talk, but a highly informational and inspirational keynote that leverages real life enlightening and encouraging stories that will inspire your audience to unleash their superpower.


No message will ever capture the hearts of teachers and educators like this powerful and engaging keynote.

Vera Jo will provide your audience with a framework for thinking that will enable them to:

  • Lead and connect with every student.

  • Communicate more effectively with all personality types.

  • Bring out the highest potential in their students.

  • Find inspiration to touch every students heart with the power of One Defining Moment.


Coaching the Mental Game

Coaching the mental game is for coaches of all sports that will help them achieve an effective understanding of the athlete's mental make-up and develop appropriate coaching strategies aimed at improving an athlete's mental approach to performance. 

This keynote presentation will arm you with specific tips, techniques, and strategies to take your team to the next level through the mental game. 

Vera Jo will provide your audience with a framework for thinking that will enable them to teach their athletes how to:

  • Re-define adversity.

  • Identify and understand the 6 sources of confidence.

  • Perform under pressure - make it count when it counts the most. 

  • Develop a high-performance approach and consistent routines.